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Septic Tank Maintenance

It's easy to assume that if you're not having any issues with your septic tank, you don't need to worry about having it pumped. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Routine maintenance – about every three years – can prevent overflows that leave basements and backyards afloat in raw sewage. Getting your tank pumped out is quick and simple – and far less costly than cleaning up the mess that an overflow can cause.

Happy Customers

Many of our customers have been with us for decades. Here's why...

Margaret Clerkin

"We've used Squires & Pierson for years, and they're great. When you call, you're likely as not to get Chip on the phone, and he'll make sure your problem is solved, even if he has to come out and pump the tank himself on a weekend."

Pat Daffy

"When our septic tank suddenly crashed, several friends recommended Squires & Pierson. They got here earlier than they promised, and the cost was less than they estimated. From now on, they are our septic tank ​company."