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Drainage Stabilization | Squires & Pierson and Sons

Drainage Stabilization

Drainage Stabilization Services on Long Island

We own and manage many different pieces of heavy equipment, enabling us to run one of the most efficient and productive site service operations in the construction industry.

Grading, Drainage, and Soil Stabilization

Directing Water Away From Structures

Critical to successful site development, grading for proper drainage keeps storm water from pooling where it doesn't belong. Squires & Pierson can provide grading services for:

  • New construction
  • Existing construction where settling has occurred or original drainage is inadequate
  • Septic tank siting
  • Driveway preparation to prevent water collection
  • We are also experts in soil stabilization, a practice of altering the make-up of soil to enhance its physical properties. Stabilization can increase the soil's strength, improving its load-bearing capacity to better support residential and hardscape structures.