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Long Island Emergency Cesspool Service | Squires & Pierson

Emergency Service

Emergency Cesspool Service on Long Island

Since 1961, Squires & Pierson has been installing and maintaining septic tanks on Long Island's East End. Our experience and focus on customer service make us the first choice for Hampton homeowners.

Septic System Installations

Things that go 'blurp' in the night

  • You flush. Nothing happens. You flush again. Still nothing. Or, maybe, a sort of blurp, like your toilet is having trouble keeping things down. You bravely wield the plunger. No change.
  • You finish doing the dishes and the sink takes much longer than usual to drain. You check the trap and it's clear, but the water is ebbing at a snail's pace.
  • The grass over your septic tank is the greenest in the neighborhood. And it's a little squishy underfoot. And there's an unpleasant odor in the air.
  • These are all scenarios indicating septic system failure. Cut water usage to the barest minimum and call us to schedule service as soon as possible.

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